What is Ruggies NFT?

Odds are at some point within your NFT journey you have been “rugged”. Today, we dive into Ruggies NFT and how it plans to positively impact the NFT space. 


  • What is Ruggies NFT?
  • Where & How To Buy?

What is Ruggies NFT?

Ruggies (@RuggiesOfficial) / Twitter

Ruggies NFT is a collection of 4,444 unique Rugs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Founder, Biased, is in the process of building a one-of-a-kind supportive NFT community. Their community stands out compared to most, as it focused on your NFT losses and promotes members sharing their experiences.

It is always easy to talk about your greatest NFT wins and gains, but not as fun to chat about the losses. However, sometimes your greatest losses can be your best lessons. Ruggies wants to create an environment with great vibes, friendly atmosphere, and a place people feel free to speak what is on their mind.

Within the Ruggies community, they want a safe space to share and learn from each others experiences. This is not exclusive to NFTs, it is for anyone struggling, with anything they want to share. Taking it a step further, they will hold mental health-focused giveaways. These can include items such as subscriptions services or copies of mental health-oriented games.

All future Ruggies holders will also be able to join events happening within their Discord weekly. The events will include group support sessions, guided meditations, and popular NFT topics the group can discuss and learn from.

Along with all of the mental health support, they have another unique way to reward their holders. Who owns NFTs that may of been rugs or the project just flopped? Ruggies is creating their “Rug Buy Back Fund“, to purchase those rugged or worthless NFTs in your wallet. Raffles will be held in their Discord. Lucky Ruggie holders will be sent ETH prizes in exchange for their worthless NFT.

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Where & How To Buy?

Minting begins tomorrow and most of their “Ruglist” or whitelist have been accounted for, but you can mint via their public sale (this will begin 8 hours after the ruglist sales). They are still handing out limited Ruglist spots, via their Discord and within giveaways. As stated above, their Discord is a great vibe that spreads positivity and is a fun place to hang out in. It is a nice change of pace from the Discords where you grind and invite for Whitelist spots. This has more of a conversational aspect and some very interesting channels to chat about different topics.

They will hold a mint price of .085 ETH, which is much lower than a lot of other cash grab or “rug pulls” launched recently. Wout, the artist behind the rugs, did a fantastic job creating and bringing these Ruggies to life. They have a sharp, fun feel to them and it’ll be exciting to see the collection after the reveal.

Follow their Twitter and join their Discord to stay up to date on the latest Ruggies news.

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