Polystaker: Intuitive Platform Offering Matic Yield Farming With 260% ROI

Staking or lending crypto assets in order to produce a high rate of return or reward in the form of additional cryptocurrency is known as yield farming. In recent years, new advancements in decentralized finance (DeFi) such as liquidity mining have given this creative but dangerous and unpredictable application a surge in popularity. As a result, the DeFi industry’s most important growth engine right now is yield farming. As passive income and yield farming become more popular, the liquidity of DeFi projects rises as a result.

The danger of temporary loss in yield farming is quite significant. Smart contracts are used to manage DeFi and yield farming operations. The value of the token might be reduced to zero as a result of a single mistake in the smart contracts. If a hostile hacker successfully exploits that weakness or security hole, the victim may lose all crypto holdings in the afflicted pools. The possibility of withdrawing money or cryptocurrency from pools or projects entails the risk of liquidation. Most of the pools’ decisions are made by its richest investors and founders, who have a significant influence on how the pools are administered. Farmers with little assets are at risk since the withdrawal by a rich investor might have a negative influence on the platform.

Using a yield farming opportunity to lock up large amounts of crypto in DeFi causes gas costs to soar. There is no disputing the fact that gas costs on Ethereum are exorbitant. In the case of DeFi yield farming, investors with lower assets may find this an issue; nevertheless, wealthy players may not be bothered by it. For example, due to yield farming operations on Uniswap, gas costs in 2020 were nearly 100 times more than typical.

Yield farming challenges may finally be resolved once and for all as a consequence of the new investment platform, POLYSTAKER. Moreover, it is audited by an independent organization, HazeSecurity, and has cleared all tests. Furthermore, depending on the plan chosen, it provides a return on investment (ROI) of up to 260 percent. The only cryptocurrency asset supported by this Dapp, which is based on Polygon Chain’s Smart Contract technology, is MATIC.

Even though several useful yield farming tools are available, most are too sophisticated and crowded. POLYStaker, on the other hand, has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to use for users with no technical know-how.

With POLYStaker, users may deposit in only a few clicks. Connecting one’s DeFi wallet through QR code or browser login is all one needs to do. To get started, one does not have to be an expert in Dapps. MATIC, along with a cryptocurrency wallet, are the only preliminary requirements. There are 4 types of plans available, mentioned below;

  • Plan 1 investment yields a daily return of 9.5 percent for 15 days, and the total return generated equals 142.5 percent.
  • Plan 2 investment yields a daily return of 8.5 percent for 20 days, and the total return generated equals 170 percent.
  • Plan 3 investment yields a daily profit of 5.5 percent to 13.5 percent for 20 days. The total return is between 110 and 270 percent.
  • 4 Plan investment (locked) yields 14 percent every day for 20 days and the total return made equals 280%.

Additional Options:

  • Profit growths +0.5% daily, only for new deposits
  • Hold-bonus +0.1% daily, max. +2%. Only for plans 1-3
  • Minimal deposit: 5 MATIC with no upper limit


  • +0.5% daily profit on chosen plan
  • +2% to reinvestment’s amount

The reinvest function is available. Users may opt to plan and reinvest a 20-100 percent withdrawable balance, depending on their preferences. In addition to the risks previously mentioned, the decentralized financial sector is fraught with additional dangers. POLYStaker, on the other hand, is completely immune to flaws, frauds, and blunders. Haze Crypto has conducted a comprehensive audit of the system. 

POLYStaker offers a user support team that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with any questions or issues. On POLYStaker’s Telegram channel and other social media pages, users may contact customer service representatives. The platform provides a four-tiered affiliate network, with commissions ranging from 5 percent to 3 percent to 2 percent to 1 percent, depending on participation. Furthermore, it provides customers with a web-based calculator that allows them to calculate and understand their current return on investment with the investment of their choice.

Yield Farming has a bright future in the blockchain world, and POLYStakers is committed to advancing it. There are a variety of compelling arguments for using POLYStakers for MATIC yield farming operations. However, the most important reason is that it provides the most return while securing Polygon Chain. It is a safe and dependable Dapp with a high guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

Visit POLYStaker’s Official Telegram: https://t.me/polystaker_en

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