OMG Coin – Will OmiseGo explode in the next few weeks? $OMG

Most of the crypto market has been hit by the bear market, which is why most courses, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are falling. But are there altcoins that could outperform the market in the near future? For this, we take a closer look at the OMG coin to assess whether this cryptocurrency could outperform in the near future. However, one can already say that the future will look rather bleak. Let’s tackle everything you need to know about OMG coin.

IS OMG Coin good in 2022?

From a purely technical point of view, the OMG coin does not have a optimistic future, which is why our forecast on this is rather bearish. A few weeks ago, the OMG course bearishly broke through the drawn trend line, which served as support during the bull run. Because of this, it could happen that the current bear trend is continued. If we remain below the trend line, which we believe, the price could drop to $2.531. That is where the next support is, where there are likely to be some buyers who could push the OMG Coin price higher. Once the OMG Coin hits the support, it could cause the OMG price to spike up a bit.

OMG Price Prediction – What will happen to Omisego?

Going forward, the OMG coin price might spike briefly to correct the descent after hitting the correction target of +/- $2.531. We anticipate the price could revisit around $4.41 in a few months to confirm the broken support as resistance. After this happens, the price could resume the downtrend again. Meanwhile, OMG price might break the $2.531 support. This scenario would mean that the OMG Coin could still be worth around $1.17 – $1.34 this year.

Which Crypto is Better – Bitcoin or OMG Coin?

The OMG Coin price against Bitcoin broke a support at ฿0.0001 this week. With the price breaking this support, the price could go lower in the near future. We expect the OmiseGo price to drop to ฿0.000083 in the near future. There is the next support where OmiseGo could show a bullish reaction.

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