Now Pay Your AMC Movie Tickets with SHIB & DOGE!

Now Pay Your AMC Movie Tickets with SHIB & DOGE!

  • AMC Theaters accept SHIB & DOGE payments.
  • AMC will be powered by BitPay for such crypto payments. 
  • The official acceptance starts further before than actually planned.

True to the fact even local restaurants nearby have started to accept crypto payments quite a long back. Now, wherever we go or even whatever we shop, as there are facilities and modes of payments like cash, card, the next ‘C’ in line is now the ‘Crypto’!

Accepting crypto and Bitcoin (BTC) as modes of payments are no longer a big deal in the current era. But however, crypto payments acceptance by giant firms and industry leading top tier players, is so obviously a big deal. 

In such terms, the world’s largest chain of movie theaters, the American Multi Cinema (AMC) entertainment has officially declared it’s acceptance of crypto payments. 

AMC’s Crypto Payment Acceptance

Starting from March 10, 2022, AMC theaters have officially declared it’s worldwide acceptance of crypto as a means of payment for their movie tickets. In spite of this, currently they have declared to accept only two cryptos at the moment. These are the Shiba Inu (SHIB) and the Dogecoin (DOGE)

The news circulated previously by the end of February 2022, regarding AMC’s crypto payment acceptance. At that time, it’s revealed that the official acceptance will start from the second half of March 2022 online. As for the AMC app, a bit later though. 

However, AMC took a leap well in advance and officially now started to accept SHIB and DOGE as payments on March 10, 2022. Besides, the main tech partner to facilitate all these crypto transactions is BitPay. Also, soon additional BitPay support is expected to be out on the AMC app. Though AMC did not reveal any plans to accept BTC, starting off with majorly available cryptos like the DOGE and SHIB is an excellent move by AMC.

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