Mingo Announces The Official Tyson Fury Nft Collection On Feb 14TH

you by Mingo on February 14th.

MINGO is a full ecosystem developed entirely on the hedera network, consisting of MingoWallet, MingoChat, MingoMarket, MingoLaunch & MingoPlay.

The artwork for the Tyson Fury Collection was conceptualised and created by our in-house 3D artists.

The development and combination of 12 traits and 149 variations ensure that each NFT is genuinely unique.

Mingo is delighted to bring the Tyson Fury Collection to market as a token with strong and dynamic utility in the metaverse.

Some additional bonuses to a selection of holders will include

  • Access To MINGO Events
  • 20 Punch Packs (Tickets to Tyson’s next fight along with $1000)
  • Memorabilia such as signed wraps, gloves, merchandising and images.
  • Personal Video’s From Tyson himself

And much more utility to be added to the Tyson NFTs as the MINGO network grows.

Mingo’s main focus is to bring Crypto to the Masses, by simplifying communication and making peer to peer crypto transactions as easy as sending a text message.

Mingo is an interconnected network of dApps: MingoChat, a platform-agnostic, multi-channel messenger app as well as a white-label solution that allows enterprises to manage their customer relationships.

MingoLaunch and MingoMarketplace focus on bringing exciting new NFT projects to the hedera network, whilst also delivering an optimum secondary NFT marketplace experience.

MingoPlay the first gaming studio on the hedera network dedicated to developing the next wave of play to earn games that are actually fun to play.

Underpinning all of this is MingoWallet, a multi-currency wallet, with our token, MINGO, at the heart of the entire ecosystem.

No more expensive smart contracts, no escrows no middlemen. Just you and other Mingo users swapping assets directly based on your own individual terms.

In 2022 Mingo is set to drive user adoption, alongside its strong strategic partners and gamified educational cryptocurrency experience.

For more Information go to www.mingoapps.com and meet our Founder and Ceo Joe Arthur.

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