Meta Wizards by Enchanted Labs is the Next Big Thing in Metaverse NFT

Meta Wizards by Enchanted Labs is the Next Big Thing in Metaverse NFT

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have created quite a buzz in the last few years. The fact that these unique trading cards cannot be exchanged for something similar makes them the game-changer in blockchain technology. NFTs have given a world of opportunities to creators and artists globally to monetize their skills to the next level. This has led to the introduction of a range of NFT projects that are trending on Ethereum. Meta Wizards, by Enchanted Labs, is an NFT gaming platform that was displayed at ETH Denver via Trippy Labs, a reputed digital art curation platform. 

With the rising popularity of NFTs, many fraud and foul plays have become a common issue in this space. Enchanted Labs is a team of top-tier artists, entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts, video game developers, and marketing experts who have all come together to create everlasting magic in the Web3 and video game development space. As an NFT project, Meta Wizards has its prime focus on transparency to ensure safe transactions for all the members of the community. As all transactions are open on the blockchain, chances of scam and fraud payments are slim.

Meta Wizards by Enchanted Labs is the Next Big Thing in Metaverse NFT

Another feature that has helped Meta Wizards stand out from the other Metaverse projects in the NFT space is its top-notch artistic creativity. Leveraging the talent of such renowned artists, Meta Wizards has been consistently fine-tuning the output of its gaming characters to ensure artists’ integrity and value as an exciting play-to-earn NFT gaming platform that is home to a set of 3D wizards. Each of these wizards possesses unique characteristics that make the game a fun experience. A user who buys a wizard gets access to functional in-game characters.

A wizard can race or battle against other wizards to earn winning points in terms of $MAGIC coins, the digital currency of the platform. $MAGIC has real-world monetary value that can be swapped for Ethereum or can be used to upgrade any existing wizard for a higher probability of winning. 

The NFT game gets more intriguing as it allows open betting as one wizard races against 8 others within the Secret Cove. The bettor for the wizard that acquires the first place gets cash rewards. The wizards that became second and third winners will also receive $MAGIC coins. These features offer more opportunities to win exclusive rewards and also cash from this game which is unlikely in any other NFT metaverse project on the platform. Meta Wizards is also planning to introduce Racing tournaments, season pass releases, and gameplay streaming in the coming years.

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