Justin Bieber’s Manager Sold Lakeside Mansion for $18.5 million in BTC

Because of the rising interest in cryptocurrencies, the buying and selling of real estate is also another transaction that an increasing number of individuals are conducting. 

As per the Wall Street Journal, Scooter Braun, renowned for his work as a media tycoon and talent manager, sold his estate in Austin in Bitcoin (BTC) for $18.5 million. This real estate sale via crypto signifies the single largest crypto transaction of the kind ever to take place in Texas and is among the biggest transactions in the US. 

Braun accepted Bitcoin (BTC) as payment, according to a source with knowledge of the matter who confirmed that the exchange was cash-to-coin. 

The lakeside property was purchased by Wayne Vaughan, Tierion CEO, a company that deals with blockchain data storage. According to property documents, Tierion paid a Limited Liability Company (LLC) affiliated with Mr. Braun in January of this year. The property was originally acquired by Scooter Braun in 2020, a year prior to the sale. 

Rich crypto investors are wasting no time diving into the luxury real estate sector, regardless of the unprecedented crypto-to-crypto real estate deals which are quite unusual. 

Tony Buzbee, a well-known lawyer, and past mayoral candidate has put his Houston home on the market and is willing to receive payment in Bitcoin (BTC). 

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