Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Praises BTC, Ditches Other Cryptos Useless!

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Praises BTC, Ditches Other Cryptos Useless!

  • Steve Wozniak speculates about the entire crypto industry.
  • Points out how altcoins are volatile and useless. 
  • States BTC as a ‘Mathematical Gold’.

The entire crypto industry however drives through the words of CEOs, Founders and co-founders of giant tech firms, and other celebrities. In such cases, the words, comments and reviews from such people often determine the fate of a crypto in many cases. Accordingly, one such important tech giant is Steve Wozniak. 

Steve Wozniak was the one who founded Apple Inc, along with his former mate, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Together they indeed, created an everlasting tech empire set to rule the world. In spite of all this, Steve Wozniak puts out his views on Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos altogether. 

Are Altcoins Useless?

The crypto industry has come up a long way taking into account the past 10 years overall. In spite of this, the current position of the crypto industry is completely inevitable from the current world and the future. 

Accordingly, Steve Wozniak states that there are numerous altcoins coming out every day. With the passing of each day, comes up a new crypto or even many. Moreover, with becoming so common, almost everyone is coming up with their own crypto. In regards to all this, the crypto industry as well as the market has become quite saturated, points out Wozniak. 

In addition, Steve Wozniak states that with the coming up of a new crypto, the founder or CEO of that particular crypto, indulges a celebrity asking to promote the coin. This indeed, is a complete and repeated default process for all new coins.

Upon such a market, such higher rates at which new cryptos are emerging, it evidently makes them altogether completely untrustworthy, depicts Wozniak.

The ‘Pure Mathematical Gold’

On the other hand, it’s a known fact that Steve Wozniak is an avid fan of the big daddy of crypto, the BTC. Many times, the co-founder has stated that he’s absolutely confident over BTC. He indeed states that BTC is unlike other cryptos, as BTC is limited. This makes it quite unique. 

And so, Steve Wozniak compares BTC downright with gold. Moreover, it’s well known that Steve Wozniak has previously quoted BTC as ‘pure mathematical gold’, sometime last year! However, whether Steve Wozniak invested in BTC or not, remains quite unrevealed though!

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